Raleigh Sports LeaguesMany people think that sports leagues, whether they’re competitive or just for fun, are for kids. Sports leagues are a great way to get kids active and burn off some of that extra energy while also making friends and staying in shape. Luckily for adults in Raleigh, the city is home to a number of adult sports leagues that have the same goals: get active, make friends, and have fun. We’ve listed our top four favorite leagues for adults in Raleigh so that you can start looking into joining one of these great programs today.

Tri Sports Social Club
Tri Sports Social Club is focused on creating a friendly atmosphere where adults can relax, play their favorite sport, and get to know each other. Teams can be made of friend groups or, if you’re coming by yourself, the company will add you to a team so you don’t have to worry about finding one on your own.

The facilities for Tri Sports are beautifully designed, and there’s a bar on-site for extra fun. Available sports teams include soccer, hockey, basketball, bocce, kickball, bar sports, softball, volleyball, dodgeball, and flag football. This league is for more recreationally minded individuals.

City of Raleigh Athletics Program
The City of Raleigh sponsors an Athletics Program that has a variety of sports options as well as both serious and recreational leagues. Their focus on community is fostered by an all-around friendly staff and referee pool. Teams use the city’s well-maintained facilities which are lighted at night, and they can also use those same facilities to practice.

Sports offered include basketball, softball, kickball, and baseball. There are both separate-gender teams as well as co-ed available. Fees are calculated based on the whole team, so they can be easily and economically split.

The local YMCA also offers adult sports leagues that run the full year. Sports offered include soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and racquetball. Teams play in a tournament-style setup with structured game times and referees. These tournament-style setups tend to be catered toward more competitive individuals.

If you’re looking for something a little more low-key, the YMCA also has pick-up games that are scheduled regularly. Just sign up for a day you’re interested and show up a little early to meet your teammates.

Premier Co-ed Sports
Premier Co-ed Sports has two distinct tracks: a purely social set and a competition set. Social sports include softball, kickball, and beach volleyball, and cost less with more relaxed rules. Their setup is designed to be more laid-back with less supervision.

Competition sports are more expensive and follow the set rules. These include basketball, bowling, kickball, soccer, and flag football. Both social and competitive leagues are scheduled regularly and are held at well-maintained facilities. After every game, for both social and competitive leagues, Premier Co-ed Sports hosts team dinners where you can meet other teams and get to know your own team better.

These four leagues have different price points and locations and are a great way to get in shape and meet new friends.

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